Marasca Care

Be kind to our planet with simple actions, from minimizing wastes, saving energy and giving back to the communities.

Giving back

Marasca Care is our commitment to give back to the planet and communities around us who need our help the most. Marasca develops and operates hotels and resorts that bring the like-minded people together and we want to extend the same thoughtful hospitality to our neighbors as we do to our guests, employees and partners.

Our mission is to donate a portion of our effort from every Marasca property towards the betterment of their surrounding communities. Through volunteer work, fundraising, physical and financial resources to those that need it. We engage all components of our business in positive social action while bringing tangible benefits to the neighborhoods we live in.

Marasca Care also focuses on mindfully sustainable practices, setting planet-friendly efforts across properties, including minimize wastes and plastics through refillable amenities and reclycable packagings. Moreover, we always advocate to preserve as much of the surrounding greenery, large trees and natural terrain as possible, leaving nature untouched and unspoiled.

By staying with us, you are also a part of the effort of Marasca Care, rediscovering yourself, while giving back to others and the planet.

Marasca Care